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How would you describe your current role and the biggest challenges you face?

As a product marketer, I create the marketing strategy that should increase market recognition and create transactions. I need to make sure the initiatives run well by monitoring their performance from the upper to lower funnel. The challenge I face is that consumer behavior is very dynamic. I sometimes wonder if there is any shortcut idea to attract them and encourage them to transact within a short time period. And how to know if your marketing budget spent is worth the result.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

All marketing efforts should generate transactions.

How did you get started in your marketing career?

I started my career when I was an intern at a startup company as a copywriter, then in Brand Marketing, which was in charge of only the upper funnel marketing, and now I focus my career on product marketing that initiates and orchestrates all marketing activity from the upper to lower funnel. I need to ensure the marketing funnel performance and make sure that the value proposition meets customer needs. Being in product marketing faces several challenges, but the challenges somehow make me thrive more in order to make the product/brand/service win the competition and become the solution for consumers with unique value propositions.

Describe the most impactful marketing campaign/project you've personally worked on.

Campaign of #NoRegretLater for HPV test product. The message reminds consumers that cervical cancer shows no early symptoms, which is why early protection is needed. However, a suitable platform and organic honest review approach created a spike in awareness and transactions. I learned that consumers nowadays prefer to hear honest product reviews from their peers or inspiring persons, aka influencers. This campaign has achieved the OKR goal and become the highest transaction compared to the previous month.

What is one marketing trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA tech brands?

More brand interactions and engagements. Brand interaction can make consumers and brands closer so the consumer can feel that the brand understands what they need. The brand can also give the experience to the consumers of how their product can help them solve their problems.

What is one marketing trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA tech brands? And, why?

It actually depends on the product/service offered. I would say that TV commercials are not effective. In this digital era and with consumer behavior where they are smarter and have a lot of options, people tend to listen to honest reviews through digital platforms.

What is your favourite marketing resource that you would recommend to this community? And, why?

Influencers. According to Cubs Asia survey, 82 respondents said that influencers have impacted their purchase decisions. It also reflects my experience in Bumame, where influencer reviews contribute to a spike in transactions for the HPV test.

Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time?

Bogor. Strolling through Bogor Botanical Garden and visiting Bogor’s authentic cafes!

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Looking for a community?

Join a small, but mighty, meeting point for SEA startup builders and share ideas, sharpen skills and co-create with new peers across the region.