Unlock peak sales performance with limited resources

We help sales teams at startups and fast-growing companies adapt to challenging times, build resilience and ace targets!

We work with sales teams at Asia's fastest-growing companies to bring results-driven transformation.

We've provided expert consultation and training to:

Akash Sharma

Head - Sales and Marketing (Malaysia)

Bernard Fung

Head of Sales, North APAC

Desmond Chua

Head of Sales, APAC

Garjita Arumsari

Regional Sales Head

Gregory Chang

Head of Sales and Customer Experience

"In a hypergrowth organisation, the workload and pressure on every individual to deliver, especially in the sales organisation, is tremendous"

Akash SHARMA | HEAD OF SALES & MARketing, MY | Qoala
Sales leaders who worked with NewCampus share their reflections on building winning sales teams

"I find myself getting very excited, seeing my reps, my teammates, going up there, taking that award, being an elite performer - it's what drives me every day."


Developing sales managers and leaders directly impacts company sales targets


of salespeople who exceeded their annual quota rated their sales manager as being excellent or above average. In addition, the quality of the sales organization is directly associated to the quality of sales leadership.


of salespeople who rated their sales organization as excellent also rated their sales manager as excellent.

What we do

Sales Directors & VPs

We provide personalised support to Sales Directors, VPs, AVPs and Regional Heads to set the right team, vision, strategic roadmap and processes to scale in the current market environment.

Sales Managers

We help Sales Managers drive peak performance for their team and themselves through technical training in  culture-building and stakeholder management skills.

Sales Specialists

We help Sales Reps, Account Executives, BD Executives to develop solid communication and presentation skills to be highly effective at their job.

Testimonials from our learners

"There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being the only individual running a market at the current time. But being able to pause my mind for 1-2 hours and having the right support system has been quite rewarding."
Berina Colakovic
Sales Director APAC at StackAdapt
"While we all came in with different goals and challenges, it was obvious that every person in a managerial role experiences similar challenges every day. There’s a feeling of community because everyone is going through it and figuring their way out together."
Brandon Chew
Pre/Post-Sales Enablement Manager at Workato


course completion rate


teams worked with


business leaders from SEA to support and mentor learners

How We Work

1. Need Identification

Every business and team is different. We understand your needs and provide 360 skill assessment for your team to gain deep insights on areas of strength and points of improvement.

2. Curated Training

We provide your team members with a personalised up-skilling roadmap to build them up, whether they're individual contributors, new sales managers, or sales leaders.

3. Impact Assessment

Measure growth in your team through our specialised reports on employee NPS, behavioural skill maps and ultimately revenue growth!

Our Top Modules

1. Delegation for Sales Managers

Learn how to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team members, allowing you to focus on high-value activities and ultimately improve team productivity and sales results.

2. Develop a Coaching Habit

Designed to equip managers with the skills and strategies to coach their team members effectively, including how to provide constructive feedback, set performance goals, and support employee development, ultimately resulting in improved team performance and engagement.

3. The Power of Storytelling for Emotional Buy-in

Teaches individuals how to leverage the power of storytelling to engage their audience emotionally and create a deeper connection, resulting in greater buy-in for their message or idea.

4. Team Design & Change Management

Provides learners with the tools and strategies to effectively manage change within a team, including how to design and implement change initiatives, communicate with team members, and navigate resistance.

5. Cultivating Team-wide Growth Mindsets

 Teaches individuals how to cultivate a growth mindset culture within their team, empowering team members to embrace challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.

6. Stakeholder Buy-in

Teaches individuals how to effectively engage stakeholders and gain their support for initiatives, including how to identify key stakeholders, communicate effectively, and address concerns.

7. Giving & Receiving Feedback

Provide learners with the skills and strategies to give and receive feedback effectively, including how to frame feedback, provide specific examples, and establish actionable next steps.

8. Developing & Leading Resilient Teams

Teaches managers how to build and lead resilient teams, including how to promote adaptability, foster psychological safety, and navigate challenges and setbacks

9. Negotiation Skills for Sales Executives

Provides sales executives with the skills and strategies to negotiate effectively, including how to prepare for negotiations, manage emotions, and create win-win outcomes.

10. Relationship Management

Teaches individuals how to build and maintain strong relationships, including how to establish trust, communicate effectively, and navigate conflicts.

11. How to Effectively Manage Remote or Hybrid Teams

Equips managers with the skills and strategies to effectively manage remote or hybrid teams, including how to maintain communication, establish trust, and maintain productivity.

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