Press Room

News releases, important announcements and media coverage about NewCampus

Meet the NewCampus team: Eddy Chan, Head of Product

Get to know more about our gamer, resident jester and product guru

The NewCampus 2020 Vision

A sneak peek into where we are heading as a company in the new year

NewCampus Values: Empathy and Candour

First in a series of posts on how we hold ourselves accountable through our values

On building NewCampus as 'The Third Place'

A home-away-from-home space for community, learning and curiosity for people driven by change!

Meet the NewCampus team: Fei Yao, Co-Founder at NewCampus

Meet our team's most enthusiastic tech trend hunter and voice of reason

Meet the NewCampus team: Pin Han Lim, Partnerships at NewCampus

Get up close and personal with our resident list-maker and partnerships expert!

Meet the NewCampus team: Ashley Liao, Community Associate

Meet Ashe, the unconventional, enthusiastic mother of snails who is also our community associate

FastFwd Festival edition 2: Creating a Sustainable Future

After the roaring success of the first edition, we decided to make the FastFwd Festival a regular day of learning.

All you needed to know about NewCampus's FastFwd Festivals

How NewCampus is exploring the unknown future and what it holds for us through the FastFwd Festivals

Meet the NewCampus team: Michelle Shi, Chief Creative Officer

Get acquainted with NewCampus's very own design beast, cat mom and crime junkie

How NewCampus aims to be the Remus Lupin to every Harry Potter

By becoming the kind and intelligent teacher who goes the extra mile and cares for their colearners.

Meet the NewCampus team: Isan De Jesus, Chief Culture Officer

Queen of empathy, beach and beer lover, meet Isan De Jesus, our Chief Culture Officer