Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

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Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

Educating The Next Generation of Leaders

For the past decade, the way we've worked and lived has been shaped by various forces of disruption—the fourth industrial revolution, climate change, a global pandemic. As we face new and unprecedented challenges, we need innovative ways to educate and develop the next generation of leaders who can inspire and inject global change.

In our latest lineup of the MoMa conference, the stage is set for Educating the Next Generation of Leaders.

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  • In-depth, interactive panels on pressing topics with expert panelists
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4:00 pm
: Introduction by NewCampus
4:05pm - 4:55pm: [Panel Discussion] Learning Mindsets of Modern Leaders

A rapidly changing world demands that leadership development programmes must remain competitive and relevant. As global issues become increasingly complex to solve, no longer should we count on knowledge-based initiatives to train capable leaders. Instead, the shift is set toward developing modern leaders with new skills and ways of learning that will see us through the future.

Learn how companies like Microsoft and C-Suite are designing their learning programmes, what they think the knowledge gaps in the workforce are, and how companies can play their part in developing top talents from within.


  • Verdayne Nunis, Chief of Staff at Microsoft.
  • Dean Carroll, CEO and Co-Founder at C-suite.
  • Elaine Liew, Co-Founder of GDEXA, APAC Business & Tech Leader.

Moderated by Will Fan, Co-founder of NewCampus.

4:55pm - 5:05pm: Break


5:05pm - 5:55pm: [Panel Discussion] Future-Proofing Your Career

It is time that aspiring leaders abandon the concept of job specialisation in their careers. As industries embrace automation, today's skills will not match the jobs of tomorrow, and newly acquired jobs can quickly become obsolete. To be able to stay ahead of the curve and constantly re-educate yourself is the mark of a modern-day specialist and a modern leader.

Learn how modern-day specialists from firms such as PwC and JLL have created future-proof careers for themselves, and how you can use non-linear learning frameworks to strike a balance between technical, business and other soft skills.


  • Carolyn Chin-Parry, Managing Director and Digitial Innovation Leader at PwC Singapore.
  • Ben Hamley, Asia-Pacific Lead, Future of Work at JLL.
  • Sara Tiew, Singapore Public Sector & Job Redesign Practice Leader at Mercer, Fellow at WEF.

Moderated by Alyse Sue, Co-founder of Transhumanism AU.

Closing remarks by NewCampus
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