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Design Ethics of Technology

This conference seeks to untangle the ethical issues behind how we design, develop and deploy new technologies. The recent emergence of innovative technologies has defined our current era as part of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. But while technological revolutions can be signs of growth, it can also spell disaster for us and society if we don't keep a close eye on its development and use. 

As AI and emerging technologies are blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and the ethical, reflecting on them requires more than our knowledge of science and technical matters. We need to embrace the insights of the social sciences and humanities too, from economics to moral philosophy. For the sake of future generations, we need to be responsible for the technologies we produce. Our mission is to ensure that technology is unbiased, accountable, and morally just.

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  • In-depth, interactive panels on pressing topics with expert panelists
  • Virtual networking sessions to connect with fellow conference attendees
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11:00 am
: Introduction by NewCampus
11:05 AM - 11:55 AM: Panel Discussion | The Designer's Ethical Code of Conduct

There’s no need to tell you that technology has become an integral part of our lives, and you’ve experienced its design through all kinds of tech—from Instagram's infinite scroll to YouTube's and Netflix's recommendation algorithms. At first glance such features seem benign but it could have hidden, unintended consequences. Without morally grounded design principles, we assume our budding designers and engineers will always be acting correctly.

In this session, we’re joined by budding designers and technologists to dig deeper into the question: do designers need an ethical code for design, and if so what would the code be guided by?


  • Adejire Bademosi, Global Social Impact Leader at Airbnb.
  • Max Stossel, Head of Education at The Centre for Humane Technology.
  • Momo Estrella, Digital Design Lead at IKEA.
11:55 AM - 12:10 PM: Networking Session 1

First networking segment. Here's an opportunity for you to meet other attendees and speakers in a video call.

12:10 AM - 01:00 PM: Panel Discussion | Discrimination and Diversity in AI

AI technology promises us considerable economic and societal benefits, but some of its racial and sexist biases are forcing us to reassess its merits. At the root of this problem is the lack of diversity in the AI field, which is perpetuating the gender and racial biases. If this remains unchanged, we are at risk of replicating historical biases with AI such as image recognition services making offensive classifications of minorities, chatbots adopting hate speech, and Amazon’s technology failing to recognize users with darker skin colors.

In this session, we’re joined by AI researchers and leading technologists in the field to discuss how we can increase diversity in the field and reduce bias in AI experiences, counteracting any racial or gender biases in the interest of its users.


  • Jorge Cueto, Advisor at the Stanford Institute at Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.
  • Oriana Medlicott, Philosopher, and Head of Operations at Ethical Intelligence Associates.
  • Ovetta Sampson, Principal Creative Director at Microsoft.
  • Moderated by: Vaibhav Namburi, Founder at Five2One, Cenario.
01:00 PM - 01:15 PM: Networking Session 2

Second networking segment. Here's an opportunity for you to meet other attendees and speakers in a video call.

01:15 PM - 01:55 PM: Fireside Chat | Being a Whistleblower

When Erika Cheung landed a role at Theranos, a consumer health technology startup, she saw this as an opportunity to be of service to the community she cared and loved. The young chemist thought she would be helping Theranos develop a revolutionary blood testing kit.

But seven months into her role as a lab associate, Erika had realised that as revolutionary as Theranos’s technology was, it had many defects and it simply doesn’t work, posing risks to the lives of patients. Yet, despite repeatedly raising her concerns to the top management, Erika’s words fell on deaf ears. That was when she quit and blew the whistle on Theranos’s ethical misconduct.

Now, Erika leads Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit that enables investors and entrepreneurs to better recognise ethical issues within their companies. Join Erika in this session as she shares her stories and insights on speak-up culture, whistleblowing policies and ethical decision making in the tech industry.


  • Erika Cheung, Theranos whistleblower and Co-founder at Ethics in Entrepreneurship.
  • Moderated by: Grace Shao, HK Lead at SoGal and former CNBC reporter.
Closing remarks by NewCampus
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