Creative Destruction in a Pandemic

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Creative Destruction in a Pandemic

In this conference, we’ve invited speakers and leaders to unravel how creative destruction catalyses innovation. We’ll peer into the process of creative destruction through the lenses of product innovation and the building of inclusive communities.

As companies are figuring out their roles during this pandemic, they are striving to make short-term innovation work for them. These companies, an economist might say, are undergoing a process called creative destruction—when old processes are destroyed, opportunities arise for innovative ideas, processes and products to take root, replacing what was gone. The result? Those that push the limits of innovation come out of their struggles stronger.

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  • In-depth, interactive panels on pressing topics with expert panelists
  • Virtual networking sessions to connect with fellow conference attendees
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12:00 pm
: Introduction by NewCampus
12:00pm - 12:55pm: Pressing the Pedal on New Products [Panel Discussion]

When the SARS virus hit Asia in 2003, government and state-owned enterprises led the economic recovery. Now, we’re seeing a different trend—it is the private and social sectors that are making significantly more socioeconomic impact with their products and ideas. How are such businesses and organisations making wins on short-term innovations whilst others are trying to stay afloat?

In this panel, we hear from the founders, partners and directors of Adobe, Hatch, and Google on how they've adapted to Covid-19 in record speed.


  • Lance Shields, Director of International Design at Adobe
  • Adam Jacobs, Co-Founder of Hatch and Co-Founder of THE ICONIC
  • Quynh Tram Nguyen, Country Director (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) at Google
  • Moderated by Fei Yao, Co-Founder at NewCampus
12:55pm - 01:05pm: Networking session

A networking session for conference attendees and speakers

01:10pm - 02:00pm: #HateIsAVirus: Social Media’s Uprising Against Racism [Panel Discussion]

Regardless of one’s colour, Covid-19 affects everyone equally. Yet, Asian communities worldwide are experiencing a growing wave of racism and hate crimes. Not taking the matter lightly, activists and Asian communities are using the power of social media to turn anti-Asian hate and bigotry into care and support. For one, a campaign driven by the hashtag #HateIsAVirus aims to raise US$1 million for Asian-owned small businesses.

In this panel, we hear from the leaders of Asian American communities whose stories and experiences will be shedding light on how we can protect minority groups and how we can create more inclusive and harmonious societies.


  • Bryan Pham, Founder at Asian Hustle Network
  • Michelle Hanabusa, Founder and Designer for WEAREUPRISERS
  • Tammy Cho, Founder and CEO at BetterBrave
  • Moderated by Summer Song, Founder of CulturedGen

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