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Week 2: Feedback

From understanding the different types of feedback to learning how to give constructive criticism, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to lead your sales team to success.

Why is feedback important for sales leaders?

Feedback is a critical component of sales leadership and can have a significant impact on your team's performance. By providing your sales reps with the information they need to improve, you can help them achieve their goals, boost their confidence, and drive their success. Furthermore, it helps to foster an open and supportive sales environment, where everyone feels heard and valued.
Solonia (NewCampus sprint coach) shares that knowing how to motivate and grow teams as well as gain senior-level/stakeholder buy-in are some common areas new managers need.
Watch Solonia's feedback class

What will you learn in this sprint?

The different types of feedback and when to use them in a sales context
How to give constructive criticism that motivates and inspires your sales reps
Techniques for giving feedback and using it to improve your sales leadership skills

Learning is better with cohorts

"NewCampus has taught me a lot, especially in the beginning of my leadership journey. It grows me as a person."
Jordy Adam
Offline Marketing Jr. Manager at Flash Coffee
"You need more time to nurture your team and also provide a space for them to find their own way. Becoming a leader is a lifetime learning journey."
Mutia Ramadhani
Digital Marketing Manager at LINE Bank

Learn feedback in Management Essentials Sprint

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