Mental Health

Practising empathy for self-care and harmony

Start with yourself – if empathy is about understanding others and showing understanding and compassion then this has to start with being able to do this to yourself. It’s a bit like when they tell you on a plane to put your oxygen mask on before you help your child with theirs. Unless we are able to look after ourselves we will not have the energy, resources or effort that is needed when it comes others. More often than not, our frustration stems from within and by understanding why, it will allow us to lead a harmonious life.

This class will take you through a simple framework that you can apply individually to help you break down accumulated stress and understand why you are feeling a certain way.

What to expect
Global expert
Learn from an international expert via video streaming, no matter where they are in the world.
Medium Class Size
Between 15 to 80 people to ensure quality of discussion and engagement.
Conveniently located
This class hosted either offline in an inspiring room at one of our colearning spaces conveniently located in the CBD, or online with a selected virtual conferencing platform.
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