Optimal balancing of parenting and remote work

Did you know that parenting is as much a job and can be learnt as any other job? Methods of pedagogy and leadership that apply in workplaces might be applicable in the family context, and vice versa.

With COVID-19 forcing many workforces to work remotely from their homes, many parents find themselves working from homes while trying to practice good parenting, which might be especially challenging for families with younger children.

How to have an optimal balance of being a parent and a good employee or leader? Is there a formula for time management when you are fully focused and performing at best of your abilities at both? Join this class to learn tips and methodologies from psychology, time management, parenting and leadership.

What to expect
Global expert
Learn from an international expert via video streaming, no matter where they are in the world.
Medium Class Size
Between 15 to 80 people to ensure quality of discussion and engagement.
Conveniently located
This class hosted either offline in an inspiring room at one of our colearning spaces conveniently located in the CBD, or online with a selected virtual conferencing platform.
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