Making sense of your money and financial habits

Habit formation is generally difficult, and even more so when it relates to finances. We resist doing new things, especially if slight mistakes may cause big damage. This is the case with financial habits. There is always too much at risk, and as we are naturally loss-averse, we prefer inaction, status quo or delay until it's too often too late.

The likes of Warren Buffet or Ray Dalio didn't just get lucky. Over years, and decades these and other individuals not only studied, practiced and created large financial empires and wealth for themselves, but also extensively wrote about their approaches. Learn in this class latest and most proven techniques to create wealth-inducing financial habits, which platforms and methodologies to use, and how to looks at your money and capital in general.

What to expect
Global expert
Learn from an international expert via video streaming, no matter where they are in the world.
Medium Class Size
Between 15 to 80 people to ensure quality of discussion and engagement.
Conveniently located
This class hosted either offline in an inspiring room at one of our colearning spaces conveniently located in the CBD, or online with a selected virtual conferencing platform.
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