The challenge: creating a learning culture that sticks. The solution: social lunchtime learning!
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The challenge: creating a learning culture that sticks

Mercer is invested in creating home-grown talent and leaders within the company.

However, past training providers and vendors that Mercer engaged with failed to create a learning culture that was sticky and community-driven.

The solution: social lunchtime learning

We focused on helping the regional offices of Mercer find the sweet spot for workplace learning during lunch hours.

  • We curated content and training from world-class experts that answered to functional skill gaps of Mercer’s employees.
  • We kept the learning experience intimate and interactive by capping class sizes to 11 people for collaborative, social learning.
  • We had Mercer's senior managers empower and motivate their teams to build a learning and growth mindset.

The results

After running a series of workshops for over 200+ learners in 8 regional offices, 71% of learners rated the content highly relevant and applicable to their jobs and projects.

85% of the learners were satisfied with the competency of and knowledge shared by the instructors. Some even found the workshops meaningful for their personal growth.

8 out of 10 learners said they are highly likely to recommend a NewCampus class to their colleagues and managers, and 7 out of 10 of them returned for a second workshop.

Lessons learned

First, nail down the experience. The interactivity, intimacy of class size and content on personal growth were the top reasons why learners enjoyed lunch time learning and found them useful.

Then, lead a team-driven learning culture. Sessions with senior managers who drove in-class discussions yielded stronger engagement and commitment to learn.

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