Team Performance Series

How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Building up a high-performance team takes a variety of skills - from general management to engineering management, and hiring right.

Building a successful sales team goes beyond hiring A-list individuals, throwing them together and getting them to sell.

As the head of the team, it's your responsibility to put together a top squad out of these parameters - from defining objectives down to recruiting new sales reps and supplying every member with whatever they might need so they can excel.

Here we break down exactly how to do just that.

Translate & align vision

Get alignment on critical targets and 'north star' at an individual, team and organisational level

Career planning

Attract and reward top talent by structuring the right benefits and compensation.

Develop top performers

Invest in your team's growth with intentional mentorship and guidance.

How to build sales team culture

We asked five NewCampus Contributors to weigh in with their tips on building top-performing sales teams that have a great working culture:

Garjita Arumsari (Regional Sales Head)
"Yes, you can run, but you can run better and faster later on if you stop for a bit here. At the same time, I push them back to the right track when it comes to work."
Gregory Chang (Head of Sales and Customer Service)
"It's important to recognise (in terms of operating style, mindset) who belongs in which bucket and who has the experience or who has the propensity to do which one."
Desmond Chua (Head of Sales, APAC)
"It actually involves a lot of goodwill that is built over time."
Akash Sharma (Head - Direct to Consumer)
"I personally believe that they should see sales as a process, not as a funciton."
Bernard Fung (Interim General Manager, APAC)
"Nowadays with a lot of things being done remotely, the team size actually matters less. It's more about quality over quantity."

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